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A surprising lightness of being


If there is anything that Štěrboholy lacks, it’s the stress of the big city. This small neighbourhood has almost everything you need, including easy access to the nearby shopping centres just in case you want something extra. This convenience makes Štěrboholy an enjoyable place to live, equally relaxed as it is practical.

Practically perfect

Europark shopping centre is at the heart of Štěrboholy’s civic amenities and just a short walk away from SBH Living. The shopping centre houses a supermarket, restaurants, and dozens of shops, as well as a post office and bank. Obi, the popular home improvement supplies retailer, is attached to the shopping centre.

Smart and stylish

If you drive or take the bus just a little farther, in a few minutes you’ll reach Fashion Arena – a popular outlet centre with more than one hundred shops. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in the vicinity of your home.

Full of life

The environment around Štěrboholy beckons you to come outside and be active. A football pitch, Hamr sports complex, and a paintball range are all located close to SBH Living. To the east the city opens up to a green landscape, offering an escape to nature and great paths for walking, running or cycling.

Choose your future home

At SBH Living, everyone will find the home that’s right for them – whether a small, cosy flat for singles, a mid-sized flat for couples, or a spacious family flat.