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Flat no. Floor Type Floor
Front garden
Status Price Bonus Favourites
A.1.01 Ground 3 BR in negotiations
A.1.02 Ground 2 BR sold
A.1.03 Ground 2 BR sold
A.1.04 Ground 2 BR sold
A.1.05 Ground 1 BR sold
A.1.06 Ground Studio sold
A.1.07 Ground 1 BR sold
A.1.08 Ground 1 BR sold
A.1.09 Ground 2 BR sold
A.1.10 Ground 1 BR sold
B.1.01 Ground Studio sold
B.1.02 Ground 1 BR sold
B.1.03 Ground 2 BR sold
B.1.04 Ground 2 BR sold
B.1.05 Ground 2 BR sold
B.1.06 Ground 1 BR sold
B.1.07 Ground 3 BR sold
B.1.08 Ground 1 BR sold
B.1.09 Ground 2 BR sold
A.2.01 1st 3 BR sold
A.2.02 1st 2 BR sold
A.2.03 1st 2 BR sold
A.2.04 1st 1 BR sold
A.2.05 1st 1 BR sold
A.2.06 1st 1 BR sold
A.2.07 1st 2 BR sold
A.2.08 1st 1 BR sold
A.2.09 1st 1 BR sold
A.2.10 1st Studio sold
A.2.11 1st 1 BR sold
B.2.01 1st Studio sold
B.2.02 1st 1 BR sold
B.2.03 1st 2 BR sold
B.2.04 1st 2 BR sold
B.2.05 1st 1 BR sold
B.2.06 1st 1 BR sold
B.2.07 1st 1 BR sold
B.2.08 1st 3 BR sold
B.2.09 1st 1 BR sold
B.2.10 1st 2 BR sold
A.3.01 2nd 3 BR sold
A.3.02 2nd 2 BR sold
A.3.03 2nd 2 BR sold
A.3.04 2nd 1 BR sold
A.3.05 2nd 1 BR sold
A.3.06 2nd 1 BR sold
A.3.07 2nd 2 BR sold
A.3.08 2nd 1 BR sold
A.3.09 2nd 1 BR sold
A.3.10 2nd Studio sold
A.3.11 2nd 1 BR sold
B.3.01 2nd Studio sold
B.3.02 2nd 1 BR sold
B.3.03 2nd 2 BR sold
B.3.04 2nd 2 BR sold
B.3.05 2nd 1 BR sold
B.3.06 2nd 1 BR sold
B.3.07 2nd 1 BR sold
B.3.08 2nd 3 BR sold
B.3.09 2nd 1 BR sold
B.3.10 2nd 2 BR sold
A.4.01 3rd 2 BR sold
A.4.02 3rd 3 BR sold
A.4.03 3rd 3 BR sold
A.4.04 3rd 3 BR sold
B.4.01 3rd 3 BR sold
B.4.02 3rd 2 BR sold
B.4.03 3rd 2 BR sold
B.4.04 3rd 3 BR sold
The price list is representative only and not a binding offer (proposal to conclude a contract). Neocity 15, s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the price list at any time. All contracts concerning the sale of units must be concluded in writing. A contract is concluded at the time Neocity 15, s.r.o. accepts an offer to conclude a contract. 


We'll offer you advice on selecting the best way to finance your flat and we’ll help you procure the documents you need.


  1. 15 % of the purchase price The first instalment corresponds to 15 % of the all purchase price, including VAT, is payable within 5 business days of signing the Future Purchase Agreement.
  2. 85 % of the purchase price The balance, 85 % of the purchase price including VAT, must be paid within 14 business days following the investor’s request for payment.

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